Motivation present, but the will is not

The magic isn’t here. Today I felt ideas flowing through me, I cranked up my favorite soundtrack from the game The Witcher 2. My maps lay by my bedside within arms reach and my writing is open on my laptop. But today I couldn’t get anything to happen. Writer’s block some of us call it. Or not having a cigarette in three days is another. I paused and contemplated the realness of what writers call “writer’s block”. Here I am, self-diagnosed with said ailment of the writer’s field. But I am writing? How is it that my mind has this affliction but I am sitting where I normally sit and doing what I normally do? Could I be some sort of super soldier, able to push through the ditches and under the barbed wire?

Then it came to me, writer’s block never existed. I may not be able to write at this moment about my latest project. But I am still writing. Still honing my craft. I do not know the origin of the term writer’s block but I would not be surprised if it was something that surfaced around the time of my generation. We make excuses when we’re lazy, we give up when it is too hard. But if we are to get what we want (finished story) that end product, we must push onward. The Wayne Gretzky’s, Joe Montana’s, and the Kobe Bryant’s weren’t blessed with the ability to play at high caliber levels from the day they could skate, throw or run. I had recently completed reading the writing memoir by Stephen King called, “On Writing” and he talked of writing everyday even if what you are writing isn’t the masterpiece you had wished it would be. My point being, that whether you’re a writer, painter, dancer or anything involving the arts; you don’t wake up with the skill to do what you love. You may be better than most right away but to further yourself you need to push on. Everyday!

Today marks the day of my first blog post. One of many I assume. For the days when I’m forced to practice, lace up my skates, put on my shoulder pads. And I find my mind is not complying with the project that I am aiming to complete. I will be here, giving what help I can that has already been offered by the greats. But in my own words. mainly to help me. But if it can help a passing reader. Than that is reward enough