How I develop my fantasy world

When ideas for my world come to me I’ll most likely be sitting listening to music, walking, reading or watching a movie and an idea pops into my head. Not something that is always original but something with a twist to it. Once this happens I race to my room and begin my frantic typing session. My story starts, I meet the character. Learn about where he comes from and who he interacts with. Getting multiple angles within your story of your world does wonders. This has helped so much in creating my world. Some of these characters could be ancestors of a present day character or a hero of long ago. Me learning about these characters, that may not have a chance to take the drivers side of my story gives me the opportunity to flesh out things such as: foreign locales, poetry and songs that are common in my world, new systems that have been established, ancient wars/struggles and so on.

Something that I’ve picked up on the way is that planning is key! But don’t get too hung up on it. I find it hard to wake up and say, “I’m going to fully commit to completing this section of my world.” It’s easy to know what you need for your world to exist. But what is pivotal: fresh ideas!

This has helped dramatically. I’ve had to revise: maps (too many times to count, honestly), characters and outcomes of scenarios often, but what has started to shape is a very strong, organic (and I hope fresh!) world.

This video is for creating a D&D Campaign. Very helpful tool!



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